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Create Customizable Components

You might want to create a component that can be customized. Macaron follows the widely used ways of customizing Web Components.


<slot> elements are used to customize the partial content of a Web Component. They are placeholders for contents inserted by component instances.

(The MDN Reference is a good resource for Web Components slots.)

Macaron has a shortcut way to create a <slot> element. Select an element and right-click, select Wrap Contents in Slot to wrap the children of the selected element in a <slot> element.

(Alternatively, you can instead create a <slot> element manually. Create an element and change the tag name to slot.)

When you add a child to an instance of the component, it will be shown in place of the <slot> children.

CSS variables

CSS variables are used to customize the appearance of a component (in addition to providing global design tokens).

Add a CSS variable (global)

First, deselect everything in the editor. The Document tab will be appear in the side bar. Then click the + button of the CSS Variables pane.

Please be aware that the CSS variables are global and will affect the whole web page.

Use the variable in a component

Then use the CSS variable in the component. Click the down arrow on a color input (color, background, border-color etc).

Override the variable in a instance

The CSS variables used in a component will be overridable in each instance.

Select an instance of the component, choose Style tab and scroll to bottom. The input box for the CSS variable will appear.

Variants with attribute selectors