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You can add assets (images, other components you made, external Web Components etc) to your components from the Assets tab in the side bar.


In the Components sub-tab, you can browse the available components. Drag-drop a component thumbnail onto an element to add it.

The components in the current .macaron file will be available by default.

External Web Components

To make external Web Components available, append <script type="module"> tags to the .macaron file and reopen the editor. ( See File Format for details. )

The src can be a local JS file (the file must be in the current VS Code workspace) or a remote URL (e.g. a CDN-delivered Web Components UI library).

<script type="module" src="./external-web-components.js"></script>


In the Images sub-tab, all images in the current VS Code workspace will be listed. Drag-drop an image onto an element to add it.